Ross Weil, Partner at Walker Associates, was recently interviewed for an article about land use attorneys in New York City and the possibility of a boom for this practice area. The article covered the thriving New York City real estate market and the resulting increase in workload for land use and zoning attorneys and it raised the possibility that Mayor de Blasio’s ambitious affordable housing initiatives will create substantial additional work for land use attorneys. The contention of the article was that if implementing the mayor’s affordable housing agenda results in new or increased discretionary approval processes for real estate development then there will be an increased need for land use attorneys.

We can only speculate as to the specifics of the mayor’s affordable housing initiative and how its implementation will impact land use attorneys in New York City, but we can speak from a position of experience about land use attorneys transitioning to new firms and about firms building new land use practices. We anticipate growth in the land use/zoning practice area whether it is driven exclusively by the economic recovery and the resulting increase in real estate development in the city or by a combination of increased development and new approval requirements resulting from the mayor’s affordable housing initiatives.

In the past two years, we’ve made four land use/zoning placements in New York City and in the process of doing so, we’ve come to know the field quite well. We’ve placed land use attorneys with long-established relationships and decades of experience in the field. Several of the land use attorneys we’ve placed have a background in government, having begun their careers working for planning and zoning authorities before transitioning to the private sector. This is a common career trajectory for land use attorneys and it leads to familiarity with “both sides of the table” in the land use and zoning space.

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